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Coaching Men & Women to Get Out of Debt and change their ‘Status Quo’ by Influencing Healthy Behaviors and Habits, Enabling Them to Transform Their Financial Landscapes, and Preparing for a Future of Abundance

Who Am I?

Being a divorcee and a single parent, I went through these struggles and at one point in time, had accumulated over $300K in debt. While this was a painful, and scary time, it forced me to make a choice of remaining in this situation or owning my future. I began learning about debt and creating plans and tools, that helped shift my mindset and behaviors and got me back on track. As friends and family saw my progress they were piqued and asked if I could assist them as well. My desire to help everyone find the renewed joy, peace, and freedom I felt, spiraled into my passion. Today, that giant debt is paid off and I am on a two-year plan to be completely debt-free.

How about you, wouldn’t you like to have a second chance at financial independence? Don’t you or your loved ones deserve a secure future and better quality of life? Being an empathetic coach and communicator has helped my clients gain clarity on their purpose, priorities, and path. Let me use my experiences and program to enable you to be a catalyst for change in your life. Through this program, you will find hope, strength, encouragement, and be empowered to be fearless in your pursuit of being debt free.

Elizabeth Ramos holds an MBA, an MSML, and is a certified Ramsey Solutions Master Financial Coach.

About My Program


Who we work with

Our first Client Avatar is struggling to become ‘Debt Free’ in their life and gain financial clarity. They have lost the flexibility to live life on their terms, and their peace of mind has been compromised, leaving them feeling anxious, confused, hopeless, and fearful. They are overwhelmed with disbelief, shame, and thoughts of never being able to climb out of this hole. This person is consumed by their daily challenges, relationship conflicts, and do not know if other options exist to pay their debt and get them back on the path to prosperity and abundance. These people are also being challenged to currently earn the income they want to even keep their heads above water, possibly making them go further down in debt.

If this sounds like you, click here to set up a complimentary call to determine if we are a good fit.

Our second Client Avatar may have little to no debt. They are living an ‘average’ life, but desire more. These individuals need to have increased stability and financial security. They want college funds for their kids, savings for retirement, the ability to live life intentionally, with purpose and joy. This person craves more out of life, is repulsed by the ‘status quo’ mentality but do not see a path to make that happen. 

If this sounds like you, click here to set up a complimentary call to determine if we are a good fit.

Module One

Debt Free Readiness


  • Offers a perspective of where you are across the financial and other critical aspects of your life, with the goal to pinpoint key areas that require focus to prepare you for a debt-free future.
  • Through assessments, you will begin to gain clarity on problematic areas, and current gaps that may not have been evident. These areas will be addressed during the coaching modules.


Has being in debt changed your life? Do you feel confused and trapped? Are you constantly worried about how you will pay the bills, but don’t know what to do? Maybe you have wanted to get help but just didn’t know where to turn. You may be tens or hundreds of thousands in debt and feel there is no way out. If this is you, you have come to the right place; as this initial in-depth assessment and coaching will uncover critical information, that will set the course for the next modules.

Module Two

Kick Out Stress & Anxiety


  • Using a combination of exercises and techniques, tap into your Emotional Intelligence (EQ), to manage and improve your overall mindset. 
  • This will uncover thoughts and possibly limiting beliefs buried deep within, that are related to your core values of what you want in your life before you start taking action for financial peace and prosperity.


Let’s take a deep breath, close your eyes, and allow your mind to be free. Let’s wipe the slate clean, the world is yours for the taking! If there were no restrictions on money, time, place, etc. what would you want to do, be and have in your life? What would a perfect day look like? Our desires reveal a lot of truth about what we really want and need in our life to feel content and fulfilled.

Module Three

Planning for Success


  • Using Behavioral Testing to obtain valuable information on positive and negative patterns you have been repeating.
  •  Learn the 7 steps to quickly clear these patterns as they appear, so that what limits you can be transformed.


How have your past behaviors shaped your current situation? Has your past thinking patterns contributed to your current financial instability?

Discover your truth and build awareness of how it can be used in making better future financial decisions. Identify what patterns you need to change to break the toxic cycle and start your exciting journey to financial prosperity!

Module Four

Repair, Reload, Rebuild


  • Using Financial workshops, we will determine your goals and vision so that you create the groundwork for tangible results, healthy habits, and future happiness.
  • Map out household dynamics, roles, and responsibilities, communication styles, involvement vs. engagement, but most importantly, also the exact non-negotiables for lasting, healthy relationships.


Relationships are often caught in the middle of financial crisis and turmoil. Refuel and rebuild your connections from the ground up by discovering underlying issues, engaging in constructive conversations, and regaining trust and cooperation. 

Through these workshops and coaching, you are able to move your financial future in the right direction, with those that matter, by your side, supporting you.

Module Five

The Power of Renewed Lens


  • What you get back in this world is only as good as what you put out. Law of attraction – energy attracts energy. Set up the law’s fundamentals by altering your lifestyle and habits.
  • Using 4 strategies to reprogram your brain and create the financial and mental well-being you deserve and desire.


Do you have the right mindset to take your finances to the next level? Are you taking the correct steps to prevent repeating past mistakes? If not, you will keep running on the hamster wheel, not arriving at the destination you seek. The certainty of the future you wish for resides in the determination, motivation, and power of YOU! The energy in the actions you take today will create the results you get tomorrow.

Module Six

Live Again and Take Control


  • Through continued exercises and strategies, we will revisit your goals, identify any obstacles, and fine-tune to continue towards your desired results.
  • Master the ability to communicate your financial decisions and manage your finances effectively.


You need to regain your composure and confidence while making your financial decisions. We lose clarity when coming out of debt and need that one-on-one attention to regain our confidence and sharpen our focus.

Continue building confidence, and competence and remaining committed to the path ahead with simple but powerful exercises and strategies. Take bold action with certainty, clarity, and trust; that the future is bright, and within your reach! 

Module Seven

Get Ready, Set, Go


  • Using your personal financial snapshot, we will determine the next step(s) in your journey.
  • Staged financial tools will educate, enlighten, and sharpen your focus so you keep your eyes on the “big” picture.


Where do you want to go from here? The world looks very different than when you began this journey, you are different. Let’s figure out your next conquest and continue building upon your financial health and wealth!

Extra sessions are available if desired to coach you through your plan and hold you accountable.

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